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Associate Participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives

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Straits Index (M) Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1998, is an Associate Participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives and approved Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC)-CPE Training Provider.

We have been developing WINCHART system for years, a dependable system that select stocks based on pre-defined rules and criteria, the selection results are published for study.

Our mission is to educate our clients to use technology and technical analysis, couple with fundamental analysis, and provide the right tool to make profitable investment decisions.

As Associate Participant of BMD, we have a propriety trading division as our investment arm. Through our seminars and trader’s recruitment programs, we provide education to the public, and train individual to become a trader, and we have been able to recruit them to be our portfolio manager.


Proprietary Trading

We are registered as Associate Participants of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives

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FKLI, FCPO Spread Training Course with SIDC-CPE Points.

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Software Development

Our software program, namely, WinChart comes in BM, ENG, & CH versions.

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